Let me show you how I turn architecture into art.

My name is Oscar Henry

Hey! I'm Oscar Henry, architect for more than 8 years and passionate about design in general.

I love making art through architecture and that each of my pieces is unique.

In this page I want to show you a little more of my artistic side, along with my favorite projects.

The 3 pillars of my work

  1. Your best skill
  2. Your second skill
  3. Your third skill

Help me design the building of your dreams

  1. These are some of my favorite projects

    Discover the art of minimalism

    Here you have some pictures of my favorite projects, as you can see, all of them follow the 3 rules I have when working: harmony, minimalism and uniqueness.

If you dream of it, you can create it

You have already seen a small part of my work, if you are
looking to create a building with my style, click on
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About this portfolio

This portfolio has been created as an example, Oscar Henry doesn't exist and these
buildings were not created by him. The texts are made up and the photos
are from the following Unsplash photographers:

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