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Minimalist-designed templates and blocks for any kind of creative professionals. Make your portfolio fits you.

As easy as playing with LEGO® blocks 🧩

Just like a building game, here you'll also use blocks. Choose your favorite ones, personalize them, and ta-da!

Responsive by default 📱

Every portfolio built with will look amazing on any kind of computer, tablet, and mobile.

In less than 5 minutes 🤯

Save time using what you already have online. Add integrations such as Unsplash, YouTube, or LinkedIn.

Give people an easy way to get to
know you ✨ makes it easy to create a memorable online portfolio. In just some taps and types, recruiters or possible clients will be able to see your work and contact you.

Just follow the steps below and see what happens.

How it works


📍 Step 1

To make your work stand out we have created different minimalist templates that you can customize.

When you create your account on, the first thing you will have to do is choosing the template you like the most.

Don't worry, you can change the style later whenever you want.


📍 Step 2

After choosing the style that best represents you, it's time to edit.

Think on what do you want to share, choose the blocks, customize the color, font and personalize the whole page as much as you want.

You can also add images and videos. If you don't know what to write about, just answer the questions that appear in the blocks.


📍 Step 3

Once you have the perfect portfolio created and published, it's time to visit your Dashboard.

Here you can adjust your account settings, change your subdomain, upgrade your plan and find tips to improve your portfolio and more.

What are you waiting for?

Designed for creatives with identity 🎨

No matter if you are a designer, scientist, or consultant, everyone uses creativity in their jobs.

So, why don't you create a portfolio to show it?

Stand out from the crowd with what makes you unique.

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You may be wondering

For how long can I use the free plan? ⏳

Forever! There will always be a free plan to use, although there will be other paid plans with access to exclusive features.

How many integrations can I add? ⚡

As many as you want to! We want you to save time using all the work you already have online and putting it all together in one place.

Can I have a custom domain? 🏆

You can customize your own subdomain, so your final domain will be something like “”.

If you’re looking to use your own domain, soon you’ll be able to use it by upgrading to a Pro plan.

What about the page speed? 🐌

On other platforms, portfolio pages take forever to load or suddenly stop working.

So we've managed to get a great speed page rate which we hope to continue increasing.

Do I have to host my portfolio? ☁️

Of course not, once you create your account you don’t have to worry about anything else, you will instantly get your own subdomain and hosting.

Let us take care of all the technical stuff and you just focus in showing your work to the world.

What about the know-how? 🧠

What is that? Once you've used the editor, you will be an expert.

You don't have to worry about things like how much space to leave between blocks or struggle with images resizing on their own. Just change colors, fonts, add blocks and showcase your work.

Do you prefer to keep using CV?

Create your free online portfolio, showcase your work and stand out from the crowd 🚀

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